Open real estate shopping site' where the shoppers bring brings their own retail agents. 


1) User self registration- bring search party.

2) Invite from existing user to new unregistered user.

3) Invite from existing user to registered use


Mode (1)

"To my dear agent (insert name). I am shopping now on for my next move. Please join me...."

Refactor signup page.

Smart Share with invite url hash

Share vcard entries for additional presence.

See for good example of search bar/ responsive.


Mobile First! see letgo app for great example.


<call to action variable text eg 'Great houses don't wait! signup'>

Promo image


<lets get moving!>

1. <moving from location>  to 2. <move to location>  (google places api)

3. <from date> 4. <to date> 

5.. Buying or Renting or Either


6.<min bedrooms>
7.<max price Purchase> <max price Rent>
8.<property types- default all>

9. <name>
10. <email>

12. Are you presently obligated to an agent for either leg of your move?


12 (a) -Listing my home 
   -<enter agents name suggestive lookup> <invite>


12 (b) -Buying Agent

<enter agents name suggestive lookup>  <invite>

so if suggestive, found, then send invite (we have the staged/users phone # or email)if suggestive not found, collect pro's mobile # and or email to invite)


Store the pro(s) contact info for primary user regardless of end user registration result. (similar to ordinary contact book registration).

Search results

Show (pros) on house pages for contact alternatives.


<The Story.>

Person comes into promotional display view.

They create a user account via the invitation /response.


On their  move to: preferences If they indicate they are working with a pro and enter that pros name and phone # and or email

We then store that information and display their goto agent on each house page in the item inventory result. 


 Regardless if the pro accepts our network invitation, the primary user may still click to call or email them and pass over a url.


We eventually  capture the pro opt in via the url which like fb needs a log-in to view

</end Story>



Invite another to Share the search (pro or primary) enter emails or phone #'s

If email registered, then, else.

 our twilio # 617 586 4411 may also use to accept request.

Url defines pro search sponsor

Requested Search and User displayed to pro how?

Confirmation email

Pro notification email



move to form to edit/refine saved search

Reverse search matching- column storage vs elastic search?


what we know is that out of the 4 million homes purchased in the USAthat 90% are professionally handled (they are not 'private sales)we also know that of that group 70% already know their goto prothat means that looking across the market60% of the transactions have established pro/primary user relations in place right nowwe want to co-opt thatby delivering the primary user a 'Agent Relationship management' appthat includes the same inventorybut also allows the primary user to share url's of inventory items found on other real estate shopping sites.